HMF Empire

Titles and the Point System

How Do I Get A Title?

  1. The Point System:
    Every Event you attend earns you Points. Every Office you hold  or Guild you are involved in or form earns you Points.
    Participation in Council meetings earns you Points. So does forming your own Persona or creating your own Costume and Coat of Arms.
    Special Projects or Services will also earn you Points.
    These Points are awarded solely for the purpose of earning Titles.
    If You Have Enough Points to Merit a Title, Not Even The Emperor Can Stop You From Becoming Titled.
  2. Fighting in a Tournament:
    ... And presumably winning. The Royal Pretenders’ War, for which anyone can declare him(her)self Heir To The Throne, is such a Tournament. Those, who make such a claim do not need to be fighters themselves or even be old enough to fight, so long as they can field at least one fighter.
    To win the Title the claimant must have at least one fighter ‘alive’ and victorious at the end of the war. To hold the Title the claimant must be able to victoriously answer any challenge placed against him(her) in the next Tourney or Royal Pretenders’ War or Civil War.
  3. Monetary Contributions:
    These can be made at the end of each year to double ones points earned during that particular year. ‘Dollar for Point’ monetary contributions are as valuable to the growth and development of the Empire as the time and effort Society members put in. Thus such contributions are welcome, yet kept at this limited level for fairness' sake. Such contributions can bring you much closer to the next title, especially if coupled with the earning of the most possible points for that particular year.
  4. Outstanding Service To The Empire: Titles have also been granted for outstanding service to the Empire. Involvement to this extent can bring much fulfillment and enjoyment, as well as advancing your already existing skills and broadening your knowledge of the fields you are involved with, as you render this kind of service.
Here are the titles you can look forward to earning through Personal Growth and your Loyal Service to The Empire.


·    Squire
·    Lord - Lady
·    High Lord - High Lady
·    Court Baron - Court Baroness
·    Baronet - Madam Baronet
·    Baron - Baroness
·    Arch Baron - Arch Baroness
·    Caliph - Calipha
·    Great Caliph - Great Calipha
·    Viscount - Viscountess
·    Count - Countess
·    Earl - Lady Earl
·    Visearl - Lady Visearl
·    Marquis - Marquessa
·    Grand Marquis - Grand Marquessa
·    Margrave - Margrava
·    Duke - Duchess
·    Grand Duke - Grand Duchess
·    Arch Duke - Arch Duchess
·    Sultan - Sultanina
·    Prince - Princess
·    Tsar - Tsarina
·    Jed - Jeddah, Khan - Khana
·    Jeddark - Jeddara, Great Khan - Great Khana
·    King - Queen

Titles for Ruling/Reigning Monarchs:

These are the titles you can acquire through Challenging in a Crown Tourney, Royal Pretenders War or Civil War.

·    Crown Prince - Crown Princess
·    High Crown Prince - High Crown Princess
·    Crown King - Crown Queen
·    High Crown King - High Crown Queen