HMF Empire

Create A Persona

What Is A Persona?

Ask yourself what appeals to you about the concept of being a member of a society like the HMF Empire.; Is it, that you can re-create history for yourself in the way that you think it should have been? Is it, that you would like to have the freedom to be creative without the restrictions of a pre-set scenario? Or is it, that you would like to be like that beautiful, but mystical character you’ve so admired in one of your favourite fantasy novels? Whatever your main reason for thinking about joining the HMF Society, it’s sure to have something to do with your freedom, within its framework, to be your best self with all your talents and abilities and in all your creativity.

You may admire a particular individual or even people in history, whom you have read about or studied via books, documentaries or in some other way. You only need to ensure, that you do not take on the exact name, titles or offices of that particular, historically known character. but you can use his/her personality traits and characteristics in the development of your persona.

Then there are those of us, who admire particular characters from well written fantasy novels, as well as an outstanding person in our world's history. We might take on a general Persona of a more historical nature, as well as the persona of our Elf hero.

We may want to be like Gandalf, the mighty Magic User from The Lord Of The Rings, be a wise Ranger like Strider or a powerful Healer. However, both Magic Users and Healers must earn the points for their trade and work towards mastery of their trade through continuous schooling in the University of Mythrose, and they must follow the sensible and sensitive guidelines and rules on the permitted inclusion of Fantasy set out for the practice of these skills within the HMF Empire. Think along the lines of Merlin the Magician or Morgana leFey, not the world of Conan and all the Wizards and Magicians in that world. The Empire strives to allow members to pursue our historical aspects of mythology and fantasy, and as such there are events, where the permitted elements of fantasy are included and other events, where they are banned. Magic Users and Healers are restricted to the battle field and are only allowed to perform their 'magic' and 'healing' at certain events. The Magic and Healing does not allow rituals and wordy spell casting, but is restricted to the use of basic science, which can make it expensive to be a Magic User. And, as in the real world, one who wishes to be a master, must learn his/her trade. This is designed, so that a Magic User can be an annoyance on the battle field and even influence the outcome of a battle, just as a really good fighter can be an annoyance, when on the opposing side. This is also to ensure, that young children never feel threatened or intimidated by the Magician's or Healer's practice or actions, and so that they and other members of the Society and visitors are never made to feel as if real magic was being performed. Healers can 'heal' to a certain point, based on their attained skill, but the cannot 'raise the dead', and once their healing talents have been used up in a battle, they must resort to bandages etc.

Some of our younger friends might want to be hobbits, who have - no small thanks to those pesky dwarves - been infected with a constant need for adventure. And we might also wish to be a powerful general like Alexander the Great or Hannibal or a mighty politician and ruler like Julius Cesar 

How Do I Create My Persona?

Whatever you would like to be in the HMF Empire - if you work within the guidelines set out above, you are well on your way to developing your Persona. And, don't worry, you will get all the ehlp you need along the way.

The key to creating a successful Persona is reading. The more you become involved in a favourite Fantasy novel/series or in the biography of an outstanding individual in history, the more you research historical time periods and explore the various settings the writers of fantasy novels use in their writings, the better you will be prepared to create your Persona. 

Now it is just a matter of finding the era, the culture, the background (based on fantasy or reality or both), that best suits you, that you can feel yourself into like a hand into a glove, that has 'you' written all over it. 

Now you are ready to create your Persona, the kind of character you would like to be. Draw on the resources you have studied, set your 'quill' to 'parchment', and let your imagination flow into your writing. Create your name, your ancestry and family, your story from the time of your birth to the age, at which your character is now, your likes and dislikes, your personality traits, your occupation and hobbies, your experience, maybe your travels... With your Persona in hand you can then develop your very own Coat Of Arms and your character's Costumes and Equipment.

Tips For Creating A Good Persona:

  1. Read, read and read even more.
  2. Find your niche. It is your Persona. Don't be influenced by those ideas of others or ideas you read about, which do not match your own.
  3. As you read and study, settle into the studies and readings you enjoy the most. Feel yourself into them, as if you were 'there'. 
  4. As you read and study,take notes of all the things, that strike you as important and the things your imagination conjures up.
  5. Organize your notes by categories. Some suggested categories might be: Time Period, Setting, Ancestry, Family, Possible Names (these are names your mind invents, as you read), Personal History, Experience, Travels, Occupation, Hobbies, Dress, Equipment, Character Traits, Abilities and Strengths..... You will 'know' the categories you need to create and add, as you organize your notes, which, in turn, will help you find the ones you are 'missing', the areas, where you feel, that information is lacking.
  6. Read and study some more and, and let your imagination roam freely, so you can fill in the information for the new categories you have created and added.
  7. Put it all together. Think of your Persona as a jigsaw puzzle or a woven tapestry. It is not complete, until all the puzzle pieces are in place, until all the colourful threads are woven into the tapestry. 

However, the wonderful thing about your Persona is, that it is not a static display, but rather a personality, a character, who grows, develops further, gains varied and new experiences and influences, what happens within the HMF Empire, as well as being influenced by happenings within the Empire. It is a living thing, the you that you would like to be, the you that you can be, when you are with your fellow members of the HMF Empire and away from the mundane world of stress and worries and deadlines and hassles, during your time of leisure.

Need Help Creating Your Persona:

No problem. E-mail us, and tell us a little about, who you are and the type of character you think you might like to be. We can then help you with ideas for resources you can study, which might help you create your Persona. If you need a little help organizing your notes, this can be done during one of the productive Society meetings, where you can also receive help in creating your personal Coat Of Arms and ideas for Costumes and Equipment. E-mail us with your questions at: