HMF Empire

The Gathering - HMF Empire

September 19th - Community of Fort Langley
 The Empire Wants You
Come Join Us at The Gathering HMF Empire, September 19th, at the '
Great Hall' and 'Tourney Fields' in the Town of Fort Langley,
an Event to mark the Beginning of the HMF Empire in BC.
Do you enjoy Medieval and Ancient History with a Touch of Fantasy and Mythology?

Do you have Skills or Talents, which you would like to share with others?

Are you interested in the Historical Arts of Healing and the
Historically Reputed Properties of Herbs?

Would you like to pursue the Skills of Archery or Sword Fighting in
Tourneys, Skirmishes, Wars and Quests?

Would you like to own your own Great House, Barony, Shire or Kingdom?

Or do you dream of quieter pursuits, such as Calligraphy and Illumination,
Chronicling and Poetry, Minstrelling, Costume Making, Cooking and Playing Games?
To learn more or try your hand at many Ancient and Medieval Crafts and Skills, 

Contact the Empire: 
Join us at the 'Great Hall' and the 'Tourney Fields'
Fort Langley Lions Hall, 23022 88th Ave, Fort Langley, BC
All Are Welcome, Families and Young and Old Alike.
Entry by Donation - All Proceeds to the HMF Empire