HMF Empire

The Use Of Fantasy

As we work on creating a Persona, we may want to be like Gandalf, the mighty Magic User from The Lord Of The Rings, be a wise Ranger like Strider or a powerful Healer. However, both Magic Users and Healers must earn the points for their trade and work towards mastery of their trade through continuous schooling in the University of Mythrose, and they must follow the sensible and sensitive guidelines and rules on the permitted inclusion of Fantasy set out for the practice of these skills within the HMF Empire. Think along the lines of Merlin the Magician or Morgana leFey, not the world of Conan and all the Wizards and Magicians in that world. The Empire strives to allow members to pursue our historical aspects of mythology and fantasy, and as such there are events, where the permitted elements of fantasy are included and other events, where they are banned. Magic Users and Healers are restricted to the battle field and are only allowed to perform their 'magic' and 'healing' at certain events. The Magic and Healing does not allow rituals and wordy spell casting, but is restricted to the use of basic science, which can make it expensive to be a Magic User. And, as in the real world, one who wishes to be a master, must learn his/her trade. This is designed, so that a Magic User can be an annoyance on the battle field and even influence the outcome of a battle, just as a really good fighter can be an annoyance, when on the opposing side. This is also to ensure, that young children never feel threatened or intimidated by the Magician's or Healer's practice or actions, and so that they and other members of the Society and visitors are never made to feel as if real magic was being performed. Healers can 'heal' to a certain point, based on their attained skill, but the cannot 'raise the dead', and once their healing talents have been used up in a battle, they must resort to bandages etc.