HMF Empire

The HMF Empire

The Historical Mythological Fantasy Society is composed of individuals, who have a keen interest in history, both new and created.
Our main focus is on the historical period commonly known as the Middle Ages. However, there are no limitations on the time period, as far back as you'd like to go, and we include mythology, fantasy and legend as historical background. You may also use your imagination to create your own history or mythology for which you might invent your own character.
We do not allow members of the Society to assume a persona of an actual historical figure or those of fictional characters from books, movies or other media.
Members creating a persona (the character you want to be at Society events) are encouraged to use their resources and imaginations to invent a character fitting their chosen time period.
The Society offers resources and experienced assistance to help you in this exciting, fun and sometimes confusing undertaking.
Many of our members also belong to other societies, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism, Battle Guard and Quest, among others, which provide us with a diversity of experience to draw upon in building our Society.
We do not prohibit membership or participation in any other society.

One of the more exciting aspects of the HMF Empire is the opportunity to form or join a guild, such as: Cooks, Rangers, Entertainers, Costumers - Embroiderers, Leather Workers, Weapons Makers, Armourers, Jewelers or any other guild someone may wish to organize or join.
Any contribution of talent or expertise is appreciated and encouraged.
Because we want to involve residents of different communities we use community awareness projects to inform all who may be interested in the HMF Empire about our organization and purpose. Our membership represents a wide variety of occupations, talents and interests, all of which contribute greatly to the success of Society activities.

Special Note To Parents:

Children of all ages are welcome at Society events. Younger children, some as young as two years old, are fascinated by costumes, weapons, armour and the general atmosphere at outdoor events and feasts. Older children are welcome to make use of the boffer weapons for mock fighting, with permission of the weapons owners, of course. We feel that the presence of children and teenagers contributes to the feel of living in a community in the Middle Ages and that - in turn - the family friendly, educational but fun environment contributes greatly to their social development. So, please, don’t hesitate to bring your little and not so little ones along, if you are interested in attending an event.

The Social and Political Structure of the HMF Empire:

The social and political structure of the Historical Mythological Fantasy Society is as follows:

  1. The Imperial House and Imperial Council, which are run by the Emperor.
  2. Kingdoms, Baronies, Shires etc.
  3. The titled nobility, which is broken down into various titles, such as: Duke - Duchess, Baron - Baroness, Count - Countess etc. There are 27 corresponding titles in all. All titles are earned in one of 4 ways listed below:
  4. Private Citizenship.

How To Earn A Title?

  1. The Point System: Every event you attend earns you points. Every office you hold  or guild you are involved in or form earns you points. Participation in Council Meetings earns you points. So does forming your own persona or creating your own costume and Coat of Arms. Special projects or services will also earn you points. These points are awarded solely for the purpose of earning titles. If you have enough points to merit a title, not even the Emperor can stop you from becoming titled.
  2. Fighting in a Tournament: ... And presumably winning. The Royal Pretenders’ War, for which anyone can declare him(her)self Heir To The Throne, is such a tournament. Those, who make such a claim do not need to be fighters themselves or even be old enough to fight, so long as they can field at least one fighter. To win the title the claimant must have at least one fighter ‘alive’ and victorious at the end of the war. To hold the title the claimant must be able to victoriously answer any challenge placed against him(her) in the next Tourney or Royal Pretenders’ War or Civil War.
  3. Monetary contributions: These can be made at the end of each year to double ones points earned during that particular year. ‘Dollar for Point’ monetary contributions are as valuable to the growth and development of the Empire as the time and effort Society members put in. Thus such contributions are welcome, yet kept at this limited level for fairness' sake. Such contributions can bring you much closer to the next title, especially if coupled with the earning of the most possible points for that particular year.
  4. Outstanding Service To The Empire: Titles have also been granted for outstanding service to the Empire. Involvement to this extent can bring much fulfillment and enjoyment, as well as advancing your already existing skills and broadening your knowledge of the fields you are involved with, as you render this kind of service. 


If your area does not yet have any organized Shire, you can start your own Shire with a six month charter granted by the Emperor. In six months, if your Shire has 10 members or more, it can be granted permanent status. If the Shire is developing, but needs more time an additional six month charter can be granted. Each area is defined by zip or postal code, but members of certain areas need not live within that zip or postal code.


Citizenship status can be changed upon request. There is a $2.00 fee (payable to the Empire) if you are changing area or Shire without changing your place of residence, but there is no fee if you have moved and simply wish so become a Citizen of the area into which you have moved.

Membership Fees:

Membership fees and attendance fees for events are kept at a very affordable level, so that everyone from the student to the elderly to the large family can enjoy being part of the Empire without being placed under a monetary burden.

Enrichment And Enjoyment For All:

The HMF Empire holds something of interest for everyone, be it Fighters Practices and Tournaments for the fighters or those aspiring to become such, those ladies, who do not wish to participate in the fighting, but rather prepare the tea and goodies, or just the onlookers, indoor feasts of different themes and outdoor events., including encampments and fairs for the entire family and guilds of various kinds for those, who wish to advance their skills or
learn new ones (I.e.: Armourers, Calligraphers, Herbalists, Bards and Musicians, Merchants, Magic Users, Clerics, Costume Makers and Embroiderers, Historians etc.). Even children are encouraged to learn to make and use boffer weapons and earn points towards their future titles by doing so, as well as by joining guilds, participating in fighters practices and extending their various services to the Empire.
One young boy at the age of seven has proven himself worthy to be taken under the apprenticeship of the Herald of a Barony as his Deputy.
A barony, which had several visually impaired and blind members, held successful ‘Blind-Mans-Tourneys’, in which all fighters alike, many - of course - blindfolded, participated, enjoying themselves greatly. All the sighted members came to realize how much they do depend on their eye sight for guidance, while admiring their visually impaired and blind opponents, who had obviously developed their sense of hearing to such an art, that they could outdo the sighted, but blindfolded, fighters in every way, and almost all their strikes hit home with an amazing precision.
Several little girls of only four years had their little belly dancing costumes made by their mothers for a particular event, during which they had the honour to display their graceful skills in belly dancing with a group of professional belly dancers, gaining the admiration of all onlookers.
An 8 year old boy impromptu performed an amazingly well choreographed fighting dance with a boffer battle axe to the beats of the drummer, who had accompanied the belly dancers.
After all the performances all joined in an exquisite Middle East dinner under the drapings of a desert tent.
Camping events are laced with boffer making and fighting. Silhouettes are fastened to trees throughout the woods, and those practicing for their tourneys can enhance their skill on the bow, practicing with real and boffer arrows. It’s just too bad, that the self-same adorable little belly dancers snuck into the encampment kitchen during target practice and filled their tummies with the most delicious blueberry muffins and peanut butter cookies so thoughtfully and artistically prepared by a couple of boys, who wanted to earn themselves a few coppers from the exhausted and famished fighters.
At one event the aim was to conquer the castle, a make-shift structure of wood, which was built by the sweat of the brow. The Emperor himself employed his architectural and building skills. This structure was placed on a low but steep dirt embankment next to a shallow river, and during the attack the defenders had to be very cautious not to be toppled into that river.
Sometimes other fighting groups are invited to participate in the events of the HMF Empire. Thus different kinds of boffer weapons and fighting techniques are meeting each other in a very colourful and entertaining spectacle on the battle field. Brave heroes - and some ladies - ‘die’, while ladies with diverse musical instruments, including their voices practices Medieval tunes.
It is a very special privilege when one has the honour of counting the Emperor himself and his Blood Guard, who have all worked on constructing their own armour, among those fighting against the assailing rebel forces, those who have decided to challenge the Emperor himself and his Blood Guard, who defend a Fair Lady, who seeks to become Queen.
Highlights of encampments next to many classes, which are being taught on Costuming, Boffer Making, Persona Development, History and Heraldry etc. all in the warmth and relaxed atmosphere of dreamy woods, are the Imperial Council Meetings held at the Great Round Table at night, Tiki torches burning in the circle.
During one Imperial Encampment that Round Table and those Tiki torches served as excellent tools for creating just the right atmosphere for a lively tavern night. The smell of barbequed meats rising deliciously into the treetops, while bards, poets and minstrels entertained the assembled feasters in the open air tavern.
Tiki torches encircling moonlit grassy glades surrounded by the dark shapes of looming trees have also served as very romantic and atmospheric settings for hand-to-hand combat in the circle of fire and encampment dances, to which at times, among the musical instruments of those so skilled to employ them, a wise magic user has been able to contribute such a magical contraption as a stereo, so that even the musicians had the opportunity to shake a leg.
There is nothing like sitting down around the camp fire at night though, some of the torches lit.
Kids are allowed to stay up late and roast such unseemly items as marsh mellows and hot dogs, while some poor soul attempts to cook peach cobbler in a cast iron Dutch oven over the open fire (with a bit of sugar it would have probably turned out to be very tasty). There is music and singing, story telling and laughing - well, some stories are bigger than others -, and everyone gets his or her turn.
One of the most important factors about Society events is that members stay in costume throughout the entire event, as this is the only way to truly capture an atmosphere, which makes the living of ones created persona come naturally, and which binds the whole group into a spell of a way of life, which takes them away from their mundane and hectic world of schedules, worries and stress.