HMF Empire


How Do I Become a Member of the HMF Society, and What Types of Memberships Are There?

1. Full Membership:

You pay your membership fee as outlined on the Member Fres page, which allows you to earn Points, hold Ofices, gain Titles, Vote at Council and Enter certain Closed Contests.

2. 4 Month Trial Membership:

You are not a paid member. You can earn all the points a paid up member would earn for up to 4 months, but your points are frozen, until you become a fully paid member within that 4 month period. If you join within that period, your points are fully activated, and any titles you would have earned will be awarded to you at the appropriate time. Your membership fee will be backdated to the beginning of your Trial Period. If you do not become a paid member by the time your 4 month trial period is over, you loose the points you have gained during the 4 months, and you become an Associate Member, until you decide to join the HMF Empire to become a full member. As a 4 month trial member you will pay higher site fees at events. You do not get to attend Kingdom or Imperial Council meetings.

3. Associate Membership:

This membership is for people, who have not decided to become full members of the HMF Society, but would like to come out and participate at Empire events. Associate members pay higher site fees, but they can still be involved in most activities. They do not Vote at Council meetings, do not hold Offices or Titles and do not earn Points.  In order to remain Associate Members they have to earn 10 volunteer points per year by helping with fund raisers, demos, security at events, community awareness projects...You do not get to attend Kimgdom or Imperial Council meetings.