HMF Empire

Costumes and Equipment

There’s a good number of bits and bobs one needs when living in the Empire, starting with your costume for everyday use and your court costume, once you have developed a Persona and know exactly, what you want to look like. There’s jewelery, armour, your Coat Of Arms and Device, tools of your trade within the Society (as a member of a Guild or on your own), encampment paraphernalia (including your 'costly' encampment rugs, jugs and furnishings) and more.

But do not be alarmed, because - although Society members should strive to avoid synthetics, wherever possible, and certain synthetics are obviously not permitted, as they will destroy the Medieval flavour of Society events and encampment settings, it’s really not so hard to hunt down just the right item or even make it yourself. With time you will probably work this search into a true art, and you’ll know exactly where to go for what you want.

There's very little, which some rummaging in second hand stores, yard sales and Sunday markets can't supply you. If you have a talent for sewing or know someone, who does, you will find bits of lace, trim, linen and other fabrics, which will be quite suitable for creating a costume, or you may find a few unusual items of clothing, which, with or without minor alterations, will be just what you need to create your perfect everyday or court costume. And, of course, the rugs, jugs and other encampment paraphernalia can be found in much the same way, albeit that you can also add inexpensive wares crafted from historical materials and of historical appearance found in many ethnic stores, where, if your Persona is from that ethnic group or a fantasy culture similar to that ethnic group, you might even find your costumes.

There are many merchants of excellent repute, who sell their wares, including costumes, tools of the trade, leather wares, musical instruments, weapons suitable for use/display within the Society framework, armour, drinking and other vessels and more, at country and Medieval fayres. 

To find some such merchants, which will be attending The Gathering BC on the 18th of September 2010 in the community of Fort Langley, Click Here!

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